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About the Haven

The Haven Kellee Havens, owner of The Haven food truck, is always thinking about food—beautiful and delicious. The Haven’s savory, filling and scrumptious delectables are always appealing to her Ketchum and Wood River Valley followers. It is the valley’s most desirable food truck. It’s not just the epicenter for weekday lunch, it’s also a welcome treat when seen at events and parties around the valley. The Haven is also becoming a weekend, and often weekday nights too, gourmet-catering enclave ready to roll.

The Haven food truck’s Portland, Oregon origins are no accident. When owner and Portland native Kellee Havens found her iconic bright green kitchen on wheels, she knew it was going to have a happy home on the streets of Ketchum. Its lunch service Monday through Thursday is a year round operation, which then becomes a on-the-road catering service vehicle Friday through Sunday.

Everyone and everything is considered when bringing The Haven on board for events, gatherings and parties. Whether it’s allergies, dietary preferences or needs, a taste question or concern, Kellee accommodates.

The Haven

What’s new with The Haven?

Check out this Q & A with owner and chef Kellee Haven.

Sabina Dana Plasse: So, Kellee what’s new in The Haven world?

Kellee Haven: Well, I’ve always wanted to do a type of meal program. Whether it was people coming to a space or providing folks with an option to make their weekday lives easier. I envision the meals I am creating as a way of assisting people and offering a time saver, but one that’s delicious and healthy. A food program is not a novelty idea, they’ve been around for decades and more and more are popping up offering some excellent possibilities. However, I truly believe it can be improved upon. When there’s cooking and cleaning involved in one’s everyday life, it’s tough to prepare good healthy meals especially with the busy lives many lead in Ketchum, Idaho. Yes, we’re busy people! So, I thought readymade items catering to your family, diet or any meal would be a good offer.


SDP: What’s this new adventure called?

KH: The Haven Supper Club.


SDP: How does The Haven Supper Club work?

KH: I’m always fine-tuning, but the idea is to order by Friday for a Monday pick up at The Haven food truck located at 7th and Warm Springs Road from 12 to 6 p.m.


SDP: What do you get when you order The Haven Supper Club?

KH: Customers will receive six items on a weekly basis, which will always be rotating. If you ordered on a Friday and place another on a following Friday, nothing will be repeated. So, you could set up a month of meals if you like. Every week will include a soup, a vegetarian item, a paleo option, a meat entrée, The Haven Mac & Cheese and a salad.


SDP: What’s this going to cost?

KH: The Haven Supper Club will have a membership fee of $20, which will include a Haven reusable bag for pick up. All items will be priced per portion so things can be tailored to one’s need. Any meal will have plenty of bites for leftovers or to make you warm, fuzzy and full. Menu items will range from $7 to $13 for individual portions or desire.


SDP: Will The Haven Supper Club include seasonal fruits, veggies and other items? 

KH: Definitely. The Haven food truck always aims to offer seasonal items minus some things that are extremely popular. We’re always sourcing local and free-range meats, and we have delicious veggies, healthy grains and great starches to serve on the side. The Haven looks to offer clean, simple and good food, which is attractive and enticing to all.


SDP: What are some of The Haven Supper Club goals?

KH: My first goal is to offer an option for meals for people in the Wood River Valley so they can spend more time doing things they really want to do. And, we can accommodate older folks too and stock their fridges with healthy foods they’re supposed to be eating to supplement their diets. If you’re on a diet or working out with a trainer, we can schedule meals so there’s no planning or thinking on your part. Life is crazy. So, we like the club to optimize people’s time by giving them more time for their lives. With the success of The Supper Club, my second goal is to invest in a permanent brick and mortar location.


SDP: So, The Haven Supper Club is an expansion of The Haven operations?

KH: Yes, it’s an extension to the food truck. We still have our lunches, and will still do our catering. Lunches are 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday. We generally have parties on Friday through Sunday, but if there’s a need for Fridays we will open.


SDP: And, catering and other food requests?

KH: The best part of about The Haven is we don’t have to cater your whole party but we can supplement your needs. We can make the sides or any dishes so quality time can be spent with family and friends.


SDP: How do we contact you?

KH: The Haven website is updated and includes menus as well as lunch items. We can create anything, but we have some ideas listed online. We require 48-hours advanced notice, and we will reach capacity for the holidays so the earlier the better to place an order. AND we are open for lunch (especially when it’s snowing) and during the holidays… we can bring it to your car!