Catering info

We are here to make your event uniquely yours. We like to cater each menu to the events specific needs, so we do not work off of a set catering menu but rather your ideas and then refine it to the perfect menu for each event. 

Which style of catering you are looking for:

  • Staffed event: we do everything! Cook the food on sight, serve the food & all beverages, clean the dishes, you enjoy the party.
  • Event at The Haven: We can host dinner parties, work holiday parties, dog birthday parties, whatever your reason for celebrating we can make the evening special!
  • Drop off: You host the event, we bring the food to you & then you do the rest!
  • Pick Up: We make the food, put it in ready to heat containers or your own ready to serve dishes, you come and pick it up at The Haven.

We look forward to working with you and cooking you delicious food that fits exactly what you need! (see below for sample catering menus).

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Sample Catering Menus