Appetizers & Starters


$7 per person

Assorted meats, cheeses, olives, assorted crackers, grapes

Burrata with crostini


Choice of: Tomato basil and balsamic reduction or Honey and spiced nuts

Pigs in a Blanket

$1.25 Each

Freshly baked rolls, Italian spiced sausage, beer mustard

Endive Cups

$1.25 Each

Choice of smoked salmon, trout mousse or fig/date, goat cheese, herb

Spanakopita Cups

$1.50 Each

Spinach, feta, goat cheese, herbs, garlic

Caprese Skewers

$1.50 Each

mozzarella – roasted cherry tomatoes – balsamic reduction

Roasted Shrimp

$3 Each

Choice of: Cilantro lime dipping sauce or Classic cocktail sauce

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

$1.25 each

Fresh veggies, Thai peanut dipping sauce 

Cheese Truffles

$1.50 Each

choice of gorgonzola, craisin, pecan or goat cheese, bacon, pistachio

Watermelon Skewers

$1.25 Each

with orange-lime dressing – mint- feta

Baked Brie


Choice of bourbon, brown sugar, pecan or wild mushroom, sage

Jalapeño Poppers


jalapeño – bacon – cream cheese – brown sugar – green onion



$6 Pint / $12 Quart

Seasonal berries – citrus – jalapeño – mint


$6 Pint / $12 Quart

Citrus – coconut milk – mint


$6 Pint / $12 Quart

Cucumber – green onion – lime – chili powder

Salads + Sides

Sautéed Brussel Sprouts

$8 per person

Marinated kale, toasted nuts, Manchego cheese

Cabbage Crunch Salad

$7 per person

with ginger vinaigrette

Cauliflower Panzanella Salad

$6 per person

Roasted cauliflower – peppers – basil

Beet Salad

$8 per person

Mixed greens – citrus vinaigrette – pecorino – pecans- citrus segments

Green Beans

$50 Half Pan - serves 8-12

Blanched and sautéed roasted tomato pesto


$50 Half Pan - serves 8-12

Zucchini gratin

Classic Caesar

$6 per person

Parmesan – cherry tomatoes – avocado – lemon dressing

Summer Vegetable Ribbon Salad

$7 per person

with citrus vinaigrette – pistachios – goat cheese

Breads + Starches

Freshly Baked White Rolls

$.70 each / $7 dozen

Flake salt, garlic oil

Whipped Mashed Potatoes

$7 per person

Butter, cream, parsley, salt, pepper
(Substitute sweet potato/yam/parsnip – No extra charge)


$8 per person

Choice of: Wild mushroom or butternut squash or classic

Black Eyed Peas

$7 per person

roasted vegetables – arugula

Warm Herb Quinoa

$8 per person

Classic quinoa, herb butter

Yam - Sweet Potatoes

$50 Half Pan - serves 8-12

Classic potato gratin

Tricolor Potato Salad

$5 per person

with yogurt dijon dressing and green onions

Cous Cous Salad

$7 per person

with greens – currents – herbs – citrus

Kids Menu


$35 - Half Pan - serves 4-6

Choice of: Vegetarian or Chicken, Flour or Corn

World Famous Mac and Cheese

$50 - Half Pan - serves 8-12

Extra sharp cheddar, breadcrumbs

Chicken Strips

$7 per person

Oven baked, panko, parmesan, parsley


Available upon request

Catering info

Depending on prior/existing orders placed throughout the week, The Haven may not be able to accommodate your party due to staff and space. We will do our best to accommodate your party, timely notice is highly encouraged ☺.

This menu does not include main dishes. Since every party is different, we can accommodate any main dish for your event. It is always depending on the market price and what grade of protein you are looking for. (Free range, organic, grass fed, etc.)

Please note, we can adjust and add to all items and create items dependent on your family and friend favorites. This includes help with or preparation of proteins such as turkeys, pork or beef tenderloin, roasted chicken, etc.

We can also create all food items in your personal dishes to reduce the use and waste of aluminum. This also makes items ready to heat, serve and eat.

If you require assistance with serving or cleaning up, please let us know when requesting your catering menu.